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Low-Smoke, Non-Toxic Fire Retardant Compound

Applications include commercial wall coverings, upholstery and other technical textile coated/laminated fabrics where these compounds can pass ASTM E84 with a Class A rating, low flame spread and very low smoke numbers.

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Meeting European Flame-Retardant Specifications

EN 13501-1 B-S1, d0 which is the most demanding of the commercial flame retardant standards to pass for combustible materials due to the very low-flame-spread and very low smoke density (non-toxic non-bio-accumulative).

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Main Features

Non-Halogen, Intumescent, Light-weight, Flame-Retardant Polyolefin Compound

Clean FR
Sustainable Compound

Easy to recycle, circular economy and some bio-content available. Does not burn or generate heavy toxic smoke.

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ASTM E84 Class A Rating

PAL...VersaCHAR has a ASTM E84 Class A rating, meaning it has a low fire spread rate score with no toxic-smoke production.

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Anti-microbial Capabilities

The compound is light-weight at 1.0 specific gravity and non-polar to inherently resist microbial attachment.

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Press Release

Dynamic Modifiers, LLC, a specialty custom polyolefin polymer compounder has introduced its PAL...VersaCHAR a new state-of–the-art non-halogenated, low-smoke, light-weight compound.

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Earth Friendly
E84 Approved
100% Non-Toxic
Technical Documents

Top: 1,950° C flame surface face  on a  0.018" thick wallcovering. Bottom: Backside of non-FR nonwoven fabric after burn. Heat transfer is delayed.

Technical Overview & ASTM E84-1 Test Results

PAL...VersaCHAR compounds are the latest non-halogenated, non-heavy metal solution to impart the highest degrees of flame retardancy achievable with polyolefins.

Technical Bulletin

This line of flame retardant compounds and concentrates incorporate a char forming additive formulation.

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Test Results

This report is a presentation of results of a surface flammability test on a material submitted by Dynamic Modifiers, LLC.

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PAL...VersaCHAR has a wide variety of applications across many industries

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Dynamic Modifiers - maker of PAL...VersaCHAR - is dedicated to offering compounded polymers that can be formulated to replace traditional uses and applications of flame retardant, flexible PVC.

PAL® The Clean Plastic

PAL® compounds are environmentally sustainable, 100% recyclable, olefin based alternative used to replace melt extruded flexible polyvinyl chloride.

Flame Retardant for Polyester

Environmentally sustainable, nontoxic and proprietary flame-retardant compounds designed for use in polyester fibers, tapes, monofilaments and films.

Flame Retardant for PLA

Proprietary flame retardant concentrate is designed for use in Natureworks polylactic acid fibers, tapes, films and thick gauge extruded or molded parts.

Anti-Stat for Polypropylene

Composed of a proprietary formula to be used as a surface modifier thermoplastic concentrate for use in polypropylene films and fiber applications.

Lilli Manolis Sherman

"VersaCHAR extrusion coated, co-extruded onto polyolefin pipes and over molded as a protective layer has been shown to impart a protective char layer (intumescence) that prevents the underlying substrate from combusting."

// Plastic Technology Magazine

"PAL…VersaCHAR compound can be produced as a flexible film or sheet and molded to shape or over-molded to most materials, including metal for corrosion resistance  As a polymeric compound it can be cast or calendered and typical durometers from 80-99A for flexible-to-high rigid formats are practical."

// Textile World Magazine
Reinforced Plastics

"The compound has passed ASTM E84 (Class A/1), which includes less than 2.3% of allowable smoke generation limits and produces no flaming drips. It can also match the requirements of UL 94 V-0, the company said. The polyolefin compound has less than 1.0 specific gravity and 100% non-toxic, including no heavy metals, halogens or VOC’s."

// Materials today


What is PAL...VersaCHAR?

PAL...VersaCHAR is a line of non-halogen, intumescent flame-retardant polyolefin compounds that includes compounds that makes it possible to achieve a range of flexible and rigid films of various hardness that can be formed via extrusion coating, cast film extrusion and can also achieve soft touch over moldings or co-extrusions. This material can custom-tailored to individual needs.

Is PAL...VersaCHAR a sustainable product?

The new Sustainable Clean FR technology does not burn whatsoever. Direct flame as high as 1,950C  (highest tested to date) with no flaming drips, does not cause the Clean FR to burn or generate heavy toxic smoke. It only surface chars starving the flames as a fuel source and reduced heat transfer to any sub-layer material. Thus, providing potential extra time to escape.

Exactly how toxic is PAL...VersaCHAR?

To meet the high-levels of flame-retardant performance/low smoke and non-toxic off gassing requirements airplanes require. Manufacturers and integrators are often forced to use advanced engineering polymers that can cost up to $40 per pound or more.

What industries does PAL...VersaCHAR serve?

Partial list of Ideas for Clean FR Everyday End-Uses:

  • Adhesives for Thermal Bonding
  • Aerospace/Fixed Wing and Rotor
  • Aircraft, Boats/Ships (Civilian and Military)
  • Battery Containment Systems for EV's
  • Building Interiors and Construction
  • Bus, Rail and Other Public Transportation
  • Cars, Boats, Currency, International Shipping
  • Conduit and Pipe Co-Extruded Exteriors
  • Military Vehicle Interiors, Camouflage
  • Oil & Gas Platform, piping
  • Plastic for Pallets
  • Protective Clothing, Oil Field, Electrical
  • Recreation Vehicles Interiors and Exteriors
  • Shelters, Tents, Arenas and Domes
  • Tanks, Silos and Storage

There are many applications where sustainable Clean FR technology can be used for a  life-saving advantage.  Safety regulators and associations serving commercial tenants no longer have to wait for products to outperform current materials, as it available now at a reasonable cost.  Consider having a conversation with your insurance provider about possible savings for your customers as well.

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LEED for Clean FR

PAL...VersaCHAR checks all the boxes for LEED points capability for the Green Building Market and the Healthy Hospital Initiative

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