PAL..VersaCHAR compounds and concentrates are the latest non-halogenated, non-heavy metal solution to impart the highest degrees of flame retardancy achievable with polyolefins (Olefins). This line of flame retardant compounds and concentrates incorporate a char forming additive formulation. VersaCHARTMCompounds have been found to be extremely effective yielding test performance results meeting and exceeding UL-94 V-0 and FAR 25-853 Appendix F.

PAL...VersaCHAR compounds can be custom tailored in any number of polyolefin carrier resins possessing various melt flows rates or indices. During such custom formulation, ultra-violet light stabilizers, processing aids, anti-microbial/fungicides, nucleators, coloration & pigments, et cetera, can often easily be in incorporated into the overall formulated compound or concentrate.

PAL...VersaCHAR compounds form high levels of non-combustible char bodies and entrained ash when exposed to intense heat sources such as focused or diffuse open flames. Formation of these char bodies and entrained ash block transmission of heat in the surrounding polymer thereby eliminating the spread of flame and deformation of the polymer. PAL...VersaCHAR compounds will simply not support combustion.The formation of the protective char layer and the heat blocking protection it imparts allows the overall polymeric structure to maintain much of its mechanical integrity when used in thicker gauge polypropylenehomo polymer carriers even after prolonged exposure to diffuse or focused flames. Additionally, almost no smoke or other toxic gases are emitted during or after exposure to flame or heat for any length of time.

Listed below are a few of the more common specifications PAL...VersaCHAR compounds are designed topass:

Recommended Use

As a Compound: As an example, the PAL...VersaCHAR compounds are known to have zero second afterflame with no burning drips when exposed to 1,950 degree (C) methane torch from a distance of 1.5 inches for 30 seconds or more.

It is recommended that PAL...VersaCHAR compounds be used as a fully formulated compound. As mentioned before, other additives or colorants can be custom tailored to the final compound formulation providing the desired appearance, UV Stability, anti-microbial functionality, etc.

Physical Properties of Compound & Concentrate

The exact effect on the mechanical properties compared to unmodified resin(s) should be determined on acase by case basis depending on any custom-tailored olefin carrier resin specified. In general, thefollowing properties of a typical PAL...VersaCHAR compound are observed:

  1. Significantly Improved Heat Distortion Temperature
  2. Non-Blooming (Non migration of the flame retardant chemicals to the surface of the polymer)
  3. Low Density relative to other higher density filled FR compounds
  4. Low water absorption

PAL...VersaCHAR compounds are translucent to opaque depending on thickness of the substrate and neutralin color and appearance and therefore highly colorable. Please see your Dynamic Modifiers representativeto obtain exhibits demonstrating the rich and deep shades achievable when using PAL...VersaCHAR compounds and concentrates.

Physical Properties of Compound & Concentrate (continued)

Processing Conditions

In general, it is recommended that PAL...VersaCHAR compounds should be processed at temperatures not to exceed 220 degrees Celsius. However, optimal processing conditions should be determined experimentally.